Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yule Log Charm (Supposedly)

According to the seller, it's a Sterling Silver Christmas Yule Log Charm. Below is a list of 5 other things it could potentially be, if we didn't believe it was a Yule Log.

1. Sterling Silver Really Old Dried Out Fruit Cake Charm
2. Sterling Silver Overcooked Campfire Marshmallow Charm
3. Sterling Silver Canned Ham Left Outside On a Hot Day Charm
4. Sterling Silver 'Nobody Even Touched the Brie!" Charm
5. Sterling Silver Freeze-Dried Major Arterial Blood Clot Charm.

Did I miss any?


SecondhandSmoke said...

How about sterling silver infected sphincter?

logblogman said...

sterling silver gives me a nasty rash below the belt.

for sphincter jewelry i gotta go gold (or platinum)

alwaysworried said...

Wouldn't an overcooked campfire marshmallow be too soft and melty to really be that shape?

I'm worried about this.

real chilian sheepherd said...

I think it's one of the knots on your face that was removed by your tree surgeon. And I bet it isn't even real silver.

DJDiddydang said...

That, my sylvan brother, is a sterling silver Kid (of Kid 'n Play fame) hair replica.

logblogman said...

yes of course!

logblogman cant believe he didnt see it

you are a genius, djdiddy

logblogman said...

response to real chilean sheepherd:

yes its true, it really is a piece of discarded tissue that was hacked off my old body by a sawbones.

but not from my face.