Friday, October 13, 2006

Rustic Log Camping Lamp Stand

“This fabulous item looks like something you'd see in a Western, like Brokeback Mountain or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!”

OK, so if this really is from Brokeback Mountain, then who's the 5’7 guy? Not Heath Ledger (6’1), not Jake Gyllenhaal (6'0), definitely not Randy Quaid (6’4).

You won’t believe this. Turns out it’s Victor Reyes (Chilean Sheepherder #1) at 5’ 7.

Ebay item number: 250036970385


REAL Chilian Sheepherd said...

Methinks you're a fake and you're probably not even a log. I was a little suspicious when you listed your age as 104, when the picture of you (at least you SAY it's you) is obviously of a much older log, judging by the lines on "your" face. And then there are all the Hollywood references. But this whole Chilian sheepherd thing clinches it. I KNOW Victor Reyes and he's 5'5" and that's when he's wearing shoes which isn't very often. He's got sheep taller than him. Is this some kind of Lonelygirl scam? You're probably just some typical LA presto-log type wanting to suck us in with your innocent humble log crap and then try to sell us on some "Logs on a plane" or "Blair log project" type movie. Well guess what? I'm not biting! You and your kind sicken me!

logblogman said...

Do I really look that old?

REAL Chilian Sheepherd said...

Typical. It doesn't matter that some of us are on to the fact that you're a fraud out to make a buck promoting your film while duping innocent readers as long as you look good, right? it's so obvious that underneath your woodsy veneer is a superficial hollywood jerk. I just bet that if that picture really IS you, you're rushing off to a tree surgeon to sand away those telltale age lines. Well, no amount of surgery can hide the fact that you're pathetic and hollow. I just pity the poor saps who buy into your "I am just a simple log of the woods" act.

superstar said...

good picture

logblogman said...

Do I really have age lines? I should wear sunblock.

real chilian sheepherd said...

Or you could just stop lounging by the pool at the Chateau Marmont. I can just see you now, trying to act like you're somebody in your Prada speedo, fancy shmancy sunglasses, all greased up so you can get that rugged outdoor look while the waiter serves you frou-frou drinks. Well let me tell you, that lounger you're sitting on is twice the lumber you'll ever be. At least it earns an honest wage.
Come to think of it, I bet you go to a tanning salon.

jana said...


Hope you don't mind if I link. You make me laugh and I love logs.

They're such interesting objects.

Lotsa love from a log-love, Jana

Benny said...

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jbwritergirl said...

Nice B--Log you have. Some of those photos are a crack up.

logblogman said...

Dear Benny:

Your blog

gives this old log wood.

(the kids are alseep, right?)


Cerillo said...

Tronco, esto va de troncos

logblogman said...

Senor Cerillo:

¡Sí! Desean los viejos árboles de madera que ponen en la tierra.

¿No es maravilloso?

¡Gracias por ensamblar!



I just tried to buy this piece of crap on Ebay.

Not worth it! The bidding is up to, like, 700 dollars!