Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Jackpot Story

"I've always wanted to be a lumberjack. My dreams are filled with visions of pole climbing, log birling, springboard chopping."

Is there anyone out there who CAN'T say that about themselves?

Hitting the Japckpot


grumpystump said...

What's a japckpot? What kind of japckass can't spell japckpot? You got your japck-o-lantern up your japckhole or something? Logs don't know japckshucks.

logblogman said...

LogBlogMan begs forgiveness for mis-typing the word 'jackpot'.

Being a stump, you must be familiar with the word-processing challenges faced by an outdoor dwelling inanimate wooden object.

Not to mention, it was raining in the woods that afternoon, and the long thin knotty appendage LogBlogMan types with was soggy.

He will use spell check from now on.

Now smile grumpystump!

coalblogman said...

FYI coal does pretty well in the rain.

nicolerichie said...

I hate the rain! Sometimes it splashes in my mouth and makes me feel like I am eating!

alwaysworried said...

I'm worried about grumpystump.

He's so angry!

(biting fingernails)

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is this shit!

logblogman said...

It's FUCKING AWESOME is what it is!

Thanks for your shit comment anonymous!

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