Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Big Log? Small Kids?

Either this is a very very big log. Or these are very very small children, on teeny tiny bicycles.

Logblogman is willing to accept either explanation. And doesnt mind if you feel strongly about it, one way or another.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Yves Lemoigne.


the_rhetorical_letter_writer said...

This site is really lame...knot!


The Rhetorical Letter Writer

very very tiny children said...

Its the log that's big.

Otherwise, the children in the photo would have to be, like, 10 inches tall.

And children that small don't ride bikes.

Trust me on this one.

nicole_richie said...

im hungry

Anonymous said...

a website about logs
I thought I seen it all!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, that's a funny picture. You absolutely kill me. I wood love to know how long you lumbered around until you got the idea for this blog.

Nikki_Jilton said...

Dude! Logs! SWEET!!! lol! Well since you're KNOT doing anything other than stumping people with the weirdness of this site, stop by mine.

jana said...

Tiny kids.


I sense the force within me screaming that tiny kids are evil and are out to take over the world.

logblogman said...

Gem... can I ask you a personal question? Are you by chance part log?

Because you're lookin' pretty fine in your photo.

I'm gonna guess you have some pine in your family. Maybe cherry.

Sweet cherry.

logblogman said...

Tiny kids pee on me sometimes.

They're definitely evil.

Anonymous said...

The log is big. If the kids were little, that would also mean that the trees surrounding them are also very little. Looking at the proportion of the trees.. I vote that the log is "very very big"


i agree with what anonymous said.

by the way, anonymous, you must be really busy!

i've noticed your postings all over the internet. for years and years now.

how do you do it?

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