Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wanted: LogWoman

Squeezing a drop of sap out the end of my massive knotty appendage in the hope of attracting a hungry little deer or soft-tongued squirrel for a few moments of pleasure is humiliating.

I need a LogWoman. Pic above is my ex, Cindy. I like ‘em big, and dirty and split down the middle. Like Cindy.

If you like John Mayer and online Soduko and don't mind wood-boring beetles in your wormholes (unlike Cindy) that’s a huge plus.

No weirdos please.


Cindy said...

Hey LogCreep, Cindy here.

For the ten millionth time, we never went out. I was NEVER your girlfriend.

We were roommates. Biggest mistake of my life BTW!

Leave me alone!

Also...can I have my stuff back? I really need my salad spinner. And the picture of me on your Blog. Luv your Blog, by the way. Funny!!!

Miss u. Call me soon.


logblogman said...

Uh, can someone say 'hot and cold'?

Cindy said...

FYI I didn't mind the wood-boring beetles.

It was the mossy fungus I couldn't handle.

logblogman said...

I've never had mossy fungus in my life.

You must be thinking of GrumpyStump.