Sunday, September 24, 2006

Log Home How To

How To Make a Log House a Home, by DJN

A house is just a house, you know, built by hands of men and LOGs, but a home is where the heart dwells, with warmth and love within.

The touches that are yours alone reflects the life you live, and the warmth in LOG home decorating, tell of the gifts you give.

A well placed vase, a potted plant, and trinket here and there, placed within the LOG walls of a home, with ever loving care.

Splashes of color in each room, a feast for every eye, each item tells a story of now and of days gone by. And LOGS.

Where I Found This Poem


DJN said...

I was shocked to stumble across this - my poem - on your so-called blog.

Not only did you use it without asking permission, but you changed it, and in so doing have mocked my creation.

I dont appreciate this. Please remove this immediately.

God have mercy on your soul.


logblogman said...

Sorry, DJN, but as LogBlogMan I officially (and spiritually) own anything and everything related to logs, including your poem.

Which I made better, by the way.

You can thank me later.

CoalBlogMan said...

Hey DJN:

Lemme know when you write a poem about Coal.

I'll put it on my Blog.

When I make it.

Which is any day now.

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