Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Logrolling, Beginner Level

Milan and Mark of the Czech Team 2003 Outreach English Class Logrolling Competition at the Paddock Lake campgrounds of the Kenosha Bible Free Evangelical Church, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Simple Sanctuary said...

Nice pictures

R2K said...

What a fun page thanks!

nicole_richie said...

Milan! Mark! How are you guys! Long time no see!

So glad you found God. I'm still looking.

When I do find him, I hope he has some food - cuz I'm STARVING!!!!


Romanian_Team_2003_Logrollers said...

These guys are amateurs.

Barthalemew said...

Log rolling is an absurd sport! I am sure Shakeaspeare would not aprove! You shoud try to find your soul by listening to heavy metal, as Shakeaspear would surely do! Please observe my blog so you can further understand the eminent art of heavy metal as well as Shakeaspeare.

You know who said...

Hey Milan, You still owe me money, dude. DOnt think I forgot.

Pay up or I'll tell everyone how you 'glazed' the meatloaf at the big church dinner in November.

Hint: secret sauce. Hint #2: the log you were rolling that night wasn't made of wood. Hint #3: You dont need another hint.

Yeah, that got youre attention didn't it you little prick.

May God Beat With You!

(But not all over the meatloaf, like you did in November.)